Episode 10: Yuki Yuna is a Hero w/ Xanthe Huynh

Today we are SUPER fortunate to be joined for the entire episode by the wonderful Xanthe Huynh voice of Yuna Yuki herself! We talk about what sets this magical girl show apart from others, why it’s NOT a Madoka ripoff, the challenges of voicing an action hero and much more!

Episode 5: Violet Evergarden

Today we discuss the KyoAni animation tour de force that is Violet Evergarden! We talk the standard setting performances by Erika Harlacher (Violet), Cassandra Lee Morris (Ann), Keith Silverstein (Capt Bougainvillea) and Cherami Leigh (Iris), how episodic anime work and the difference between week to week and an all at once release, and of course the amazing artwork!